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January 2017



I hope that you found time this break to relax and rejuvenate with family and friends. 

You may have noticed that this is not the typical format for the ELA newsletter. Unfortunately, my subscription to Smore is over, and I needed a new, free option.

ELA Website

If you like to know more about ELA curriculum, the workshop model, guided reading, mini-lessons, etc., please check out the ELA website. There are links to videos and other reading materials to explain each component.

When are the Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Windows?

Beginning of the Year - August 22 - September 30 DUE: October 3rd
Middle of the Year - January 9 - February 16 DUE: February 17th
End of the Year - April 17 - May 18 DUE: May 19th

Helpful Resources

GRL Chart

Entering GRLs into SIS

This year you will enter GRLs into SIS. For directions on how to input this data, Tim Brown created a how-to video for you. Below is a link to the video Tim created. GRLs need to be entered by the end of the day on February 17th.

District Writing Assessment

When scoring students' writing, you will look at the writer from a holistic point of view. Are students applying the curriculum items taught at their grade level (i.e. organization, audience, conventions, etc.) on conferred pieces and on-demand pieces?

With the new ELA curriculum, writing needs to have an emphasis in our classrooms. Students are expected to write narrative, expository/informational and opinion/argumentative pieces at every grade. Writing is not limited to just these three types of writing, so there is still the opportunity to add in other units.

At the end of the three main types of writing (narrative, information, and opinion), students will complete an on-demand piece. These prompts, available for all three genres, direct students to compose the best piece of writing they can-narrative, information, or argument-in a fixed period of time. The prompts for each type of writing are linked (see below). At the end of the year, each on-demand piece from each type of writing will be placed inside the Fountas and Pinnell Student Folder.

For teachers using the Units of Study for Writing, you will continue to pre-assess and post-assess your students.

Have a Wonderful Year!

Please do not hesitate to contact your building’s ELA Teacher Facilitator or me with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Thank you!

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